21:56 GMT24 February 2021
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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - US state Georgia's District Attorney Fani Willis said on Saturday she would probe former President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and other allies as part of a broader criminal investigation into their alleged attempts to overturn the presidential vote results.

    Willis announced launching the investigation on Wednesday. Its central premise was to hold Trump liable for soliciting election fraud, which is a criminal offense in the state of Georgia. Trump was accused of asking Georgia State Secretary Brad Raffensperger to "find" extra votes securing the state majority.

    "Anything that is relevant to attempts to interfere with the Georgia election will be subject to review", Willis told The New York Times.

    Comparing the investigation to an onion, where "you pull something back, and then you find something else," the attorney vowed to cover all issues pertaining to what the report described as Trump's pressure campaign on state officials and the activities of his allies.

    In particular, Willis said she would probe the veracity of statements made by Giuliani before state and local governmental bodies, specifically during his appearance before a Georgia State Senate committee in December.

    The attorney will also look into a telephone conversation during which Senator Lindsey Graham reportedly asked Raffensperger to discard all mail-in votes from particular counties, as well as probe Northern District of Georgia Attorney Byung J. Pak, who reportedly angered Trump by not pursuing alleged voter fraud cases.

    The Georgia votes were tabulated trice, and each of the times showed only a minor lead of Joe Biden over Trump. Biden ended up getting all 16 votes of Georgia electoral votes.

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