22:58 GMT28 February 2021
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    Democrats are currently attempting to prove the existence of a link between the deadly 6 January riot and statements made on the same day by former US President Donald Trump alleging massive voter fraud, alongside his refusal to acknowledge his defeat in the 2020 election.

    Former Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton alleged that the only way that former US President Donald Trump can be acquitted in the second impeachment trial on charges of inciting insurrection is with help from "co-conspirators" she suggests are among the "jury".

    Trump's former opponent in 2016 election, Clinton further alleged that no amount of facts presented by the ex-POTUS' legal team and no legal defence built by them would be enough to absolve the Republican president of his guilt.

    Her statement came on the second day of Trump's second impeachment trial in the Senate, after Democrats and six Republicans in the upper chamber voted that the process is legitimate despite that Trump is no longer in office. Dems and others have been attempting to prove the link between Trump's words and actions ahead of the 6 January Capitol riot, and the actions of his supporters, who rushed into the Congress' building, causing widespread damage and vandalism, and five deaths, including that of a Capitol Hill police officer.

    The actions of the rioters were spotlighted during the trial as prosecutors showed videos, some of which had not yet been made public, showing the attack on the Congress building by the Trump supporters who failed in their attempt to thwart the certification of the election results. Democratic impeachment managers have dismissed the notion that Trump urged his supporters to protest peacefully, which he had done both on Twitter after the attack and, reportedly, during his speech at the rally on the White House lawn on 6 January. Democrats have focused on how many times Trump used the word "fight" during his address and how he repeatedly questioned 2020 election integrity, and have accused him of inciting the Capitol violence.


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