18:19 GMT06 March 2021
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    The national emergency on the US southern border was declared by former President Trump in 2019. It was revoked by his successor Joe Biden on his first day in office, who also halted the construction of the notorious border wall.

    US President Joe Biden has issued a proclamation ending the national emergency on the US-Mexico border.

    In a letter to the speaker of the House and president of the Senate, published on the White House's official site, the president wrote that the emergency at the southern border was "unwarranted".

    "I hereby report to the Congress that the national emergency declared by Proclamation 9844, and continued on February 13, 2020, and January 15, 2021, is terminated and that the authorities invoked in that proclamation will no longer be used to construct a wall at the southern border", the letter said.

    Biden's predecessor, Donald Trump, declared in 2019 a national emergency on the southern border to divert funds for the construction of a border wall. Just days before leaving the White House, Trump prolonged the state of emergency to 2022.

    However, on his first day as US president, Joe Biden signed executive orders to end construction of the US-Mexico border wall and to override the so-called "Muslim travel ban". 

    Building a wall on the US-Mexican border was one of Trump's core campaign promises. The US leader has repeatedly said the wall helps to curb illegal immigration, human and drug trafficking. The former president promised that Mexico would fund the project, which did not happen.

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