09:27 GMT25 February 2021
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    The former US president was reportedly unhappy with his impeachment defence team, while at least eight GOP senators slammed Trump’s lawyers for their performance.

    Watch a live broadcast from Washington, DC where Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial is about to continue in the US Senate.

    The prosecution and defence will have up to 16 hours to deliver their arguments to senators, who will decide whether to convict the former US president on charges that he orchestrated the deadly 6 January riot in the Capitol building that left five people dead.

    The US Senate previously voted 56-44 to confirm that the case is constitutional. Although six Republicans cast their votes to proceed with the impeachment, this number would not be enough to convict Trump. Under the evenly split Senate, a two-thirds majority vote would be required to find him guilty. This plays out if 17 Republican senators vote for the impeachment.

    Trump himself was reportedly unhappy with his impeachment defence team and was left frustrated by the public criticism of his attorneys. 

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