03:28 GMT03 March 2021
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    From the point of view of the former governor, Obama's government spending apparently pales in comparison to what Democrats have in mind under the presidency of Joe Biden.

    Former Republican Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee has condemned Democrats' plans to boost the COVID relief checks in the next round of payments, stating that President Joe Biden's "leftist policies" are "making Barack Obama look like Ronald Reagan". The ex-governor suggested that people who voted for the Democrat should be "disappointed" with the actions he undertakes in his new role. Huckabee went on to note that many of the executive orders signed by the new president are "killing" the US economy.

    The Republican's comment, mockingly comparing US healthcare reformer Barack Obama with Reagan, a proponent of low taxes and low government spending, came in response to Democratic House member Pramila Jayapal suggesting that the next coronavirus relief package should be at least $1.9 trillion. Huckabee joked that the bill might grow as large as three or four trillion dollars.

    "Why stop there? Let’s make it $25, $50 trillion! Let’s just give everybody everything they’ve ever wanted. Let government be Santa Claus. She said that is the 'floor'. Heck, I’m on the floor thinking about how crazy this is", the former Arkansas governor said.

    The ex-governor further jeered at Joe Biden's claim that he would be "fighting" for the American people. Huckabee said that if a multitrillion-dollar relief bill is POTUS' understanding of "fighting for me", then he was terrified to imagine what Biden would do if he was "fighting against me".

    Huckabee's criticism of the Democrats' plans for the next coronavirus relief bill comes as the White House said it was not backing down from the aim to send out stimulus checks of $1,400 per adult in addition to the previous ones of $600. This, in turn, would drastically increase the government spending on the relief. At the same time, the White House expressed readiness to narrow down the list of citizens, who will be eligible for the stimulus payment designed to help families struggling financially over the pandemic induced economic slowdown and to boost economic activity in the country.

    The move to make the next relief bill even more expensive is opposed by Republicans, who rejected a move to boost payments when a previous relief package was discussed. Democrats currently control both chambers of Congress, but the GOP still has enough seats in the Senate to try to filibuster the stimulus package. The Democrats will have to win the support of at least 10 Republicans while losing none in its own ranks to pass the new relief bill that Joe Biden has promised.


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