12:13 GMT08 March 2021
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    The Democrat started his presidency by signing a volley of executive orders that reversed many of Trump's policies, and also ordered a review of several agreements achieved by his predecessor's Cabinet.

    The Biden administration is reviewing every aspect of the previous administration's actions related to national security, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, responding to a journalist's question regarding the Democrat Cabinet's plans to honour the Phase One trade agreement with China signed by Donald Trump.

    "Everything that the past administration has put in place is under review, as it relates to our national security approach, so I would not assume things are moving forward", the spokeswoman said.

    Psaki also shared that Biden, in cooperation with the national security team and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, is reviewing the US "national security approach" towards China. She elaborated that the process includes finding a path forward on a number of issues going beyond just economic ones. Psaki went on to add that part of the approach will be "strengthening" the US economy.

    The White House spokeswoman also repeatedly stated that Washington's new approach towards China will be from a "position of strength", which she described as "cooperating and coordinating" with foreign partners, as well as members of the Congress, on ways to work with China.

    The start of Biden's presidency was marked by the signing of a range of executive orders that sought to reverse many decisions of his predecessor Donald Trump. Biden namely ordered a US return to the World Health Organisation and the Paris climate accord. The Democrat also repealed a number of Trump's migration policies that limited the influx of illegal migrants from across the US southern border. One of those orders, namely a suspension of the deportation of illegal aliens, has since been put on hold by a US federal judge over a challenge to the legality of the executive order launched by the Texas attorney general.


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