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    Linda Tripp, an American civil servant employed by the Pentagon at the time of the notorious Clinton-Lewinski sex scandal, befriending the latter at first, died at the age of 70 in 2020. Tripp secretly recorded her telephone calls with Lewinski as the latter shared intimate details about her confusion with her affair with the former US president.

    A posthumous memoir of Linda Tripp named "A Basket of Deplorables: What I Saw Inside the Clinton White House” offers to reveal spicy new details about the scandalous sexual affair between former the US president, Bill Clinton, and a young White House staffer named Monica Lewinsky, published in an exclusive outtake by the New York Post.

    The memoir sheds light on the exact moment Tripp came to know that Lewinsky had sexual relations with Clinton and how the younger woman immediately said to Tripp, according to the book, "much more than I wanted to know."

    According to the outtake, Lewinsky had a ticket for a presidential birthday party thrown by Hillary Clinton in 19 August, 1996. She subsequently managed, the author claims, to give the former president "a little love massage".

    '“You absolutely won’t believe this, but I squeezed his balls right in the middle of throngs of people!” she told me in November, adding her trademark loud laugh, a guffaw that could be heard several offices away. This was quickly followed by a recitation of the celebrities there (“I’ll bet none of them got to squeeze his balls!”) and catty remarks about Hillary, who from that moment on was referred to disdainfully only as “the Ba Ba”', the author wrote.

    Tripp, in the book published after her death, recalled a "thong incident" that Lewinsky pulled a year before that, having deliberately bent over so that the president could see her underwear and then bragging about how, according to Tripp's detail of the younger woman's story, no one else could see.

    “Okay, there were tons of people, but still, they are the Secret Service! And they missed it!” Tripp claimed that Lewinski said. "I had hoped for eye contact, maybe a kiss on the cheek,” the book continues, citing comments made by the latter. “I just wanted him to see me. I can’t believe I really did it!”
    Monica Lewinsky at the Cannes Lions 2015, International Advertising Festival in Cannes, southern France
    © AP Photo / Lionel Cironneau
    Monica Lewinsky at the Cannes Lions 2015, International Advertising Festival in Cannes, southern France

    According to Tripp, Lewinsky was convinced that what happened between her and Clinton was "romance", even though the former president, according to Monica's words, happened to forget her name between sexual contact.

    "She may not have been Marilyn Monroe singing to her guy, but she was Monica and he was the president, and this was good enough", according to the book.

    The risque affair between the ex-president and Lewinsky in the 1990s almost cost Clinton his presidency, as he was impeached over what was seen as his misleading testimony when he assured the public he had "never had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky".

    Clinton was acquitted in the Senate, however, and finished his second term. Lewinsky gained an international celebrity, appearing in massive media coverage of the ensuing scandal. Lewinsky, most recently has been an activist, television personality and fashion designer.


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