21:47 GMT24 February 2021
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    The group, which includes former judges and federal attorneys as well as retired partners at major law firms among its members, insists that Giuliani should be stripped of his licence immediately.

    Lawyers Defending American Democracy filed an ethics complaint against Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday to the Attorney Grievance Committee in New York, asking the disciplinary panel to immediately suspend his law license.

    The group claims that the lawyer violated the rules of professional conduct.

    “As lead counsel for Mr. Trump in all election matters, Mr. Giuliani has spearheaded a nationwide public campaign to convince the public and the courts of massive voter fraud and a stolen presidential election,“ the complaint said.

    “Mr. Giuliani personally advanced and argued claims in court that were frivolous and had no reasonable purpose other than to fuel the extrajudicial campaign of falsehoods,'' it states.

    Giuliani accused the Democratic party of carrying out centralised and coordinated voter fraud in multiple states, which was the central argument of a widespread court battle by the Trump campaign to overturn the presidential election results at the end of last year.

    Earlier this month, the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) opened an inquiry to decide if Trump's personal lawyer should be stripped of his membership.

    On his radio show on Thursday, Giuliani said “the whole purpose of this is to disbar me from my exercising my right of free speech and defending my client because they can’t fathom the fact that maybe, just maybe, they may be wrong.”

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