21:58 GMT28 February 2021
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    On 20 January Biden became the 46th president of the US and within 24 hours signed 15 executive orders, some of which reversed Donald Trump’s policies. Biden lifted the travel ban from several African countries and returned the US to the Paris Agreement, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preventing climate change.

    Joe Biden’s administration has hidden a secret job offer on the White House’s website. One social media user first noticed that the website has a function, which paints every white section into black. Responding to the tweet, another netizen said that he discovered that the website’s code has a secret message which reads: "If you're reading this, we need your help building back better." Next to the message there was a link to the website of United States Digital Service (USDS).

    ​The USDS is the agency which is responsible for improving the federal websites that millions of Americans rely on, making such things as applying for healthcare or getting enlisted into the army easier.

    "To improve these services, USDS hires top technologists into term-limited ‘tours of civic service'. By working alongside civil servants, they help build better tools for the people," reads the statement posted on the USDS’s website.

    Biden’s First Day in the Office

    The Democrat has already signed multiple orders. One of the first was to change the country’s strategy on the coronavirus pandemic. The US has the highest number of infections (2.4 million) and the highest death toll (406,000). The order requires Americans to wear masks and practise social distancing on federal property and public transport as well as the use of disaster funds to help reopen schools. Previously Biden pledged to supply 100 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine in the first hundred days of his administration.

    Other orders signed by Biden reversed policies of former president Donald Trump, in particular returning the US to the Paris Agreement and the World Health Organization as well as lifting travel bans on some African countries with a Muslim majority.

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