08:56 GMT27 February 2021
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    Last week, John Matze remained downbeat about his company's future, saying he was unsure whether Parler would ever see the light of day again after being suspended from Google, Amazon, and Apple.

    Parler CEO John Matze has expressed confidence that his social media platform will be online again soon thanks to what he described as the app's current progress. 

    In the wake of the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters in Washington, DC on 6 January, Amazon, Apple, and Google almost simultaneously suspended the app, citing what they purported was the platform's reluctance to moderate hate speech and content they claimed incited violence.

    "I'm confident that by the end of the month, we'll be back up", Matze told Fox News on Sunday night, in an interview that followed Parler registering its domain with host sharing website Epik.

    He said that even though "every day it changes wildly", he feels "confident now" and that the company is "making significant progress".

    "When you go into Parler.com it doesn't go into the void now, it hits a server, and it returns just one piece of information", Matze added, calling being able to post the message a "big milestone".

    The Parler CEO pledged to put "periodic updates there" on a regular basis "so that people can stay up to date with the site".

    "Now we can actually rebuild Parler. It's critically important", he said, pointing out that despite all the previous troubles, the company has not "even had one employee quit".

    "Not one, even with them being harassed and threatened, no one has quit […] we've got such a strong team, this has just made them believe in us more", Matze stressed.

    The remarks come after the Parler chief executive wrote in the first update on Saturday, "Hello world, is this thing on?", as he vowed "to resolve any challenge before" the company amid plans "to welcome all of you [users] back soon".

    This followed Matze telling Reuters last week that his 2-year-old platform may not ever return following suspension from Apple, Amazon, and Google.  The interview was preceded by media reports that Matze and his family had been forced into hiding over "death threats and security breaches".

    "People [are] threatening my life. I can't go home tonight. This is really a lot", the Parler CEO told Fox News last Wednesday without elaborating.

    Earlier reports claimed Trump supporters had used Parler to coordinate their actions as they stormed the Capitol in Washington in an attempt to prevent Congress from certifying the 3 November presidential election results, events that claimed the lives of at least five persons.


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