03:48 GMT19 January 2021
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    In a move that drew public ire, President Trump was indefinitely banned from Twitter and Facebook, days after his supporters stormed Capitol Hill while Congress was certifying Joe Biden's win in the 3 November polls.

    Donald Trump Jr has called on tech entrepreneur Elon Musk to devise his own social media platform that would "blow Twitter away" as he fumed about his father's permanent suspension from social networks in the wake of the US Capitol rampage.

    POTUS Trump's eldest son vented his rage about Twitter's "bias" and what he claimed to be "one-way targeted censorship", expressing certainty that of all people, the SpaceX head is the one to "save free speech in America" by creating an alternative website that would let "actual neutral arbiters and fact-checkers" have their say, presumably alluding to his father.

    "This guy put manned people into space. He did so privately. He took on big government and did it better, cheaper, faster than they ever could. This is the guy to do it", he said in a video clip posted on Instagram late on Tuesday.

    Donald Jr said he viewed Musk as the right figure to take Twitter on after the prominent tech entrepreneur lashed out at "West Coast high tech" for turning into the "de facto arbiter of free speech" as Amazon, preceded by Google and Apple, gave a no-go to Parler, a social network deemed to be conservative and frequented by Trump supporters.

    Donald Jr suggested that if created, the new platform would definitely make sure there is no hate speech or calls for violence, but would at the same time provide a full-fledged platform for neutral commentators without catering to the "leftist" agenda.

    "I am not looking for a conservative echo chamber, I want a platform to argue my ideas vs someone else's and not just people in a place telling me what I want to hear", the younger Trump explained, going on to show his chagrin over a number of Russia's political figures speaking out against "American tech giants' censorship":

    "Russians are lecturing America on free speech today. That's how scary it has become", the sitting president's son noted.

    On 8 January, Donald Trump was permanently suspended from Twitter, and then barred from Facebook, with the latter reportedly so far indicating no plans to lift the ban.

    The move came two days after the US Capitol siege, when crowds of Trump rally attendees swarmed the federal legislature following Trump's calls to "march on Congress" and "save America" at a gathering in Washington, DC.

    The protesters could shortly afterwards be seen sitting in the Senate chamber and occupying the offices of congress members.

    Capitol Chaos Triggers Impeachment Debate

    The mayhem saw five people, four protesters and a police officer, die. The Democrats instantly blamed the incident on Trump, who had spoken moments before the siege, voicing calls for Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the president just a week before his successor Joe Biden takes the oath of office.

    The Dem-majority US House of Representatives is expected to vote on Wednesday to impeach the incumbent head of state, having introduced an impeachment resolution, the second since Trump was inaugurated in 2017.

    The single article of impeachment for "incitement of insurrection" calls for Donald Trump's "disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honour, trust, or profit under the United States".

    Trump has since hit back, telling reporters on Tuesday that his possible impeachment is nothing short of a "continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics".


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