13:22 GMT18 January 2021
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    Earlier, reports emerged that US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence had not spoken for several days, after rioters who supported POTUS broke past security barriers at the US Capitol, killing 5 and ransacking the federal building as lawmakers, including Pence himself, hid from the attackers during the confirmation process.

    Amid reports of a strained relationship, it was revealed on Monday that Trump and Pence had met in the Oval Office earlier in the day, for the first time since the deadly January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

    A senior administration official told The Hill the pair "had a good conversation, discussing the week ahead and reflecting on the last four years of the administration's work and accomplishments."

    The unidentified individual added that both Trump and Pence agreed that those who stormed the US Capitol broke the law and "do not represent the America first movement backed by 75 million Americans."

    It's unclear whether words were exchanged in regards to Pence allowing congressional lawmakers to move ahead with certifying the results of the US Electoral College system.

    Although the Wednesday Electoral College vote confirmation was temporarily halted due to the siege, the certification was eventually completed, with Pence executing his constitutional duty to preside over the US Senate and oversee the vote.

    At the height of the deadly attack by the president's supporters, Trump lashed out at Pence via Twitter for overseeing the ongoing procedure, with POTUS tweeting that his second in command "didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our country and our Constitution."

    The tweet itself came out hours after Trump pressured Pence at an earlier "Stop the Steal" rally on the White House lawn to reject the certification. At the time, Trump remarked to his thousands of supporters that he "hoped" Pence was "going to do the right thing" and send electoral ballots "back to the states to recertify" the results.

    Despite growing pressure from Trump, Pence earlier had made it clear that he had no intention in intervening with the certification, explaining that only the lawmakers can decide to either accept or reject the Electoral College vote result.

    With the pair at odds, reports subsequently revealed Trump had not reached out to Pence or the vice president's family as they were placed inside a secure bunker at the Capitol during the insurgent attack. Additionally, it was reported that the duo had not spoken in the immediate days that followed the deadly riot.

    Many of Trump's allies, most notably National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien, have supported the vice president's moves.

    Amid a Democrat push to remove Trump from office either by invoking the 25th Amendment or by impeachment, it's unclear if the two officials discussed the ongoing process that is expected to begin on Tuesday.


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