02:13 GMT19 January 2021
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    Since the Capitol riots on Wednesday, US President Donald Trump has been repeatedly slammed by officials for encouraging supporters to storm the federal building, where lawmakers were certifying the results of the 2020 election. Moments before the violent insurrection, Trump called on supporters to stop the US election from being “stolen.”

    Former national security adviser John Bolton remarked on Friday that Trump should resign from his presidential post, and that he should be investigated under sedition laws for inciting supporters to act out over the certification of the Electoral College results. 

    In an interview with Channel 4 News journalist Matt Frei, Bolton indicated that the commander-in-chief should step down as president, although the former adviser acknowledged “there is absolutely zero chance” Trump will do so.

    However, Bolton was neither thrilled with efforts to invoke the 25th Amendment nor moves to draw up impeachment articles against Trump - both measures that multiple congressional lawmakers have thrown their support behind.

    “I think for those who advocate either invoking the 25th Amendment - for which this situation was not made - or impeachment, they have to be able to make the case that proceeding along either of those lines would make the situation for the next 12 days better than it is now, and I don't think they can make that case,” he said.

    Instead, Bolton hinted that officials should effectively let things play out until Inauguration Day.

    “I'm not really all that concerned that he’s going to do much in any sphere. I think we’d all be better if he got on Air Force One and flew to Florida and spent the next 12 days golfing,” Bolton said, before adding, “I don’t think we should overestimate the dangers here.”

    Earlier, Democrats and some Republicans came together and called for Trump to be removed through Section Four of the 25th Amendment, which would require US Vice President Mike Pence and the majority of Trump’s Cabinet to agree Trump is unfit for office. But with Pence reportedly not supportive of the move, lawmakers have also focused efforts on starting impeachment proceedings for the second time.

    Reports emerged Friday that articles of impeachment against Trump would be introduced in the US House of Representatives on Monday and charge the president with “willfully inciting violence against the government of the United States.”

    Although Bolton told Frei that Trump “should be investigated” for sedition, the likelihood is somewhat low, as Ken Kohl, the acting principal assistant for the US attorney’s office in Washington, DC, revealed on Friday the US Department of Justice would not be filing incitement charges against Trump or any speakers present at the “Stop the Steal” rally held hours before the storming of the US Capitol.

    ‘No Chance’ Trump Will Run for Second Term

    In his sole statement condemning rioters as individuals who “defiled the seat of American democracy,” Trump also took the time to inform his “wonderful supporters” that their “incredible journey is only just beginning.” The statement itself touched on past remarks by Trump that he might run again for a second term, more than likely during the 2024 presidential cycle.

    However, according to Bolton, Trump may end up stepping away from the Oval Office for good. 

    “Trump would like to keep it in the public mind that he would run again in 2024, but I think in fact there is ultimately no chance that he will do that because he doesn’t want to lose again. And he knows he’s lost,” he said. 

    “He can claim it’s stolen once, [but] you can’t make that con twice.”


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