19:02 GMT23 January 2021
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    Following the storming on Capitol Building by self-identified Trump supporters on Wednesday, a number of congressmen have blamed the US president for fomenting the violence with his “election fraud” rhetoric. After the riot, a number of Republicans even walked back on their earlier pledges to oppose the certification of Joe Biden’s win.

    Republican Senator Lindsey Graham was branded “the main f**king reason” for the Washington unrest by American comedian Leslie Jones, a former Saturday Night Live cast member that has made a name for herself attacking Donald Trump.

    After the US Capitol Building was infiltrated by rioters on Wednesday, prompting both chambers of the US Congress to go into hiding as they were about to certify Joe Biden’s election victory, Graham called upon fellow Republicans to accept Trump’s election loss.

    "It is over, it is over! The final thing, Joe Biden -- now I've travelled the world with Joe. I hope he lost, I prayed he would lose. He won. He's the legitimate president of the United States," he told the congressmen who came back to the Senate chamber following a recess caused by the mob.

    "I cannot convince people, certain groups by my words, but I will tell you by my actions, that maybe I, above all others in this body, need to say this: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are lawfully elected and will become the president and the vice president of the United States on January the 20th,” he continued.

    Graham was the one who'd earlier called for an audit of ballot signatures in Georgia following Donald Trump’s claims that the November election was “rigged” due to irregularities and illegal votes being counted. US liberals blamed this rhetoric and Trump’s earlier promises to “never” concede election to Joe Biden for Wednesday's violence.

    Graham’s consolatory calls on the Senate floor thus did not impress Jones, who went on the full offensive against the senator and Trump’s once-loyal defender.

    "Go f**k yourself, mother***ker. You f**k yourself, Lady Graham," she was filmed screaming over the senator’s speech that was broadcasted by MSNBC, as she posted a clip with a rant on Twitter. . "You are the main f**king reason all of this shit is happening. Don't try to f**king sing for dinner now, bitch."

    The comedian was not the only one who accused Graham of being undue with his remarks after the Capitol storming had left at least five people dead, including both rioters and one police officer.

    She joined a list of celebrities who urged for the removal of the president from the office by invoking the 25th Amendment, an idea that was penned in a letter by House Judiciary Committee Democrats but has not found much support among congressional Republicans so far.

    During a Thursday press conference, Graham clearly stated that he was not a fan of the idea “at this point” as he defended his four years of work alongside the president.

    Branding the Capitol mob “terrorists, not patriots”, Graham nevertheless told reporters that Trump had to come to the understanding that “his actions were the problem, not the solution”.

    According to the senator, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, Trump’s legacy was “tarnished” by the Washington riot.

    Following the Capitol unrest, Donald Trump issued a video statement condemning “the violence, lawlessness and mayhem” that has occurred at the country’s main legislative body on Wednesday and for the first time publicly acknowledged that the “new administration would be inaugurated” on 20 January.

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