12:05 GMT18 January 2021
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    The president has spent weeks quarrelling with Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, calling the governor as a “clown” and a “fool” who got “played” by Democratic operatives amid state officials’ alleged inaction regarding the White House’s election fraud claims.

    Donald Trump has stepped up his attack Brian Kemp, tweeting that the Georgia governor “should resign from office” for his ‘obstructionism’ and refusal “to admit that we won Georgia, BIG!”

    Trump accompanied the tweet with a reference to hearings Wednesday by the state Senate discussing Georgia’s election laws and their impact on the recent election cycle.

    The comments follow a pair of late night tweets by Trump on Tuesday in which he slammed Georgia officials, calling them “a complete disaster” who “don’t have a clue, or worse,” may be in league with the alleged plot to steal the election from him.

    “Nobody can be this stupid. Just allow us to find the crime, and turn the state Republican,” Trump demanded.

    The president’s attack on the state’s officials follow similar broadsides last week, during which he accused authorities of “slow walking” a signature verification audit and of trying to prevent the results from becoming publicized before 6 January, the day Congress will hold its joint session to count the Electoral College votes and formally finalize the election results.

    Earlier this month, Raffensperger announced a signature match audit of Cobb County, with a separate, wider “statewide audit study” to be carried out with an accredited university.

    Georgia’s 16 electoral votes went to Joe Biden, with candidate winning the traditional Republican stronghold for Democrats for the first time since 1992. The close margin in results led to three recounts, with Biden edging out Trump by about 12,000 votes in the last count. Before that, ‘errors’ in Biden’s favour were discovered, allowing the president to chip away at the Democrat's lead.

    Trump continues to reject the results of the 3 November vote, accusing Democrats in swing states of conspiring to rob him of victory, and citing so-called mass late-night vote dumps, alleged voting machines programmed in Biden’s favour, and other possible illegal activity. Trump’s claims have so far failed to stand up in court, and the Supreme Court recently dismissed a lawsuit by the State of Texas to challenge alleged irregularities in key battleground states.


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