09:28 GMT28 January 2021
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    The stand-off between the Trump administration and the Chinese video app TikTok has been ongoing since late summer, when POTUS announced his intention to ban the platform in the United States, citing national security concerns.

    The Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS) said it would not provide an additional extension of the deadline to sell the American assets of TikTok for its parent company ByteDance, Reuters reported on Friday, citing sources, as the most recent deadline expires on 4 December.

    The latest extension was provided last week, marking the third deadline, with CFIUS previously granting two delays for ByteDance to transfer control over TikTok to an American-based company.

    However, according to Axios, there will be a "de facto" continuation of dialogue between the company and the US government, with the two sides going on with talks.

    Initially, 12 November was named by Trump to begin a US ban on TikTok unless the app was sold to a US-owned entity. But, as CFIUS then provided two formal extensions of deadline, US authorities said that the app would not be banned as long as hearings continue in US courts.

    Now, as no new extension of deadline has reportedly been provided by the US, CFIUS, headed by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, could at any time ask the Justice Department to take action against ByteDance.

    The Chinese viral video platfrom was first targeted by the White House in August, with Trump claiming that TikTok could spy on US citizens in favour of the Chinese government and meddle in the US presidential election. 

    Trump insisted he would ban TikTok on US soil, even though both ByteDance and Beijing earlier dismissed claims regarding national security, with the Chinese government refuting allegations that TikTok is controlled by the Communist Party of China.


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