18:13 GMT01 December 2020
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    Earlier media reports suggested that if states end up certifying Democrat Joe Biden as the 2020 president-elect, Trump would seriously consider another re-election bid in 2024.

    Donald Trump is "wounded but still strong", according to TV host and investigative journalist Geraldo Rivera, who had a phone conversation with the president on Friday.

    Rivera added he has no doubt Trump will be running again in four years if the 2020 election results go against him. As of today, major US media outlets have projected Biden as the new president-elect. Although the states have yet to certify their election results, the ex-vice president has already claimed victory in this race.

    "He's a frustrated man, he's wounded but still strong, he wants to do everything he can to make sure this is a fair result", Rivera said on "Outnumbered Overtime". "If this thing goes against him ... I have no doubt this man will rise to the occasion again and run in 2024."

    Geraldo said that the US president told him he was a "realist" and would "do the right thing", adding that if he was "satisfied that every legitimate vote had been counted and every illegitimate vote had been thrown out", he would definitely concede.

    Rivera added that he got "no impression" Trump was "plotting the overthrow of the elected government", apparently referring to the claims of Democrats, following his concerns that massive fraud could have taken place during this year's election.

    The Trump administration has disputed the preliminary results of the race, saying that the presidential election was rigged by Democrats in favour of Joe Biden and citing witness accounts of voter irregularities, possible machine system issues, and even dead Americans voting.

    "Now [Trump] is very anxious as to how these efforts are going, to check out the votes, particularly [in] Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan", Rivera said.

    ​Following election night, Trump was frustrated that he was leading Biden in several states at first but then the results changed quickly, showing Biden ahead.

    Providing a COVID-19 update on Friday, Trump told reporters that "time will tell" who will take the Oval Office in January.

    Amid election uncertainty, Republican Congressman Paul Gosar tells Sputnik that the mainstream media that are already touting Biden as "president-elect" even though the vote count is still underway,  do not declare the winner.

    "The electoral college does. There are legal challenges to the obvious voter fraud committed in many states by the Leftists in control there. Biden will not be a legitimate President under these circumstances. Stealing an election this obviously is not even done in Banana Republics. The people know the truth. The question is whether that will matter”, Gosar suggests.

    Christopher Metzler, American political pundit, government strategist, and author, shares Gosar's opinion that the media "does not get to determine who the president-elect is - the voters do".

    "The President has a variety of legal options he is pursuing and has a good chance of success. Elections in the United States are for the people to decide. Trump will be able to defend his position. There are many arguments. First, he would have to provide evidence of fraud and disenfranchisement. Second, the question of malfunctioning machines will have to be answered", he adds.

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