05:03 GMT01 December 2020
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    Former President Barack Obama has said Republican officials are undermining democracy by supporting Trump's claim over alleged election fraud that resulted in his possible loss to Joe Biden.

    Obama told in an interview with CBS News, that President-elect Joe Biden had "clearly won" this year's race for the White House.

    Mr Obama claimed all the allegations were driven by the fact that "the president doesn't like to lose".

    "They appear to be motivated, in part, because the President doesn't like to lose, and never admits loss," he said. "I'm more troubled by the fact that other Republican officials, who clearly know better, are going along with this," he added. "It's one more step in delegitimising, not just the incoming Biden administration, but democracy generally, and that's a dangerous path."

    Obama's comments came as Trump continues to question the legality of vote counting in key battlefield states that are under scrutiny. Meanwhile, Republican leaders in Congress have urged Trump to stand aside despite the reported election fraud.

    Before the official result of the election race, Obama congratulated President-elect Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, on their win, addressing a statement on Twitter.

    Earlier, Trump claimed that massive fraud took place which affected the outcome of the election after at least six Democrat-run US states halted the counting of votes on Election Night when the US president was leading in all of them. Trump said when the counting resumed, batches of ballots appeared in favour of Biden and then observers were not allowed to oversee the counting process, and there were other violations. Donald Trump maintains that the election was “stolen” from him

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