13:58 GMT26 November 2020
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    Eric Trump, the second son of US President Donald Trump, presumably encountered a scheduling issue Tuesday morning when his Twitter account encouraged Minnesota voters to head to the polls and get out the vote.

    “Minnesota get out and vote!!!” Eric Trump wrote in a November 10 tweet, perplexing voters a week after voting for the US presidential election wrapped up.

    The tweet was taken down after an hour, according to The Independent. Nevertheless, netizens were quick to comment on Eric Trump’s delayed message to voters.

    Meanwhile, Eric Trump is also coming under fire for his recent amplification of misinformation regarding the handling of mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania.

    "The Democrats know the only way that they can win this election is to cheat in Pennsylvania, and we've seen it from day one, we've seen it from day one," he alleged. "We found ballots in drainage ditches."

    In actuality, a total of nine military ballots - all with votes cast for Trump - were found to have been discarded in a dumpster in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, according to a September 24 announcement made by US Attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania David Freed, citing the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    The temporary seasonal contractor who made the apparent error was promptly terminated by the Luzerne County Elections Bureau. Luzerne County Manager C. David Pedri also noted election officials worked closely with the FBI during its probe.

    “While the actions of this individual has cast a concern, the above statement shows that the system of checks and balances set forth in Pennsylvania elections works,” Pedri wrote in late September.

    Despite Eric Trump’s assertion, no ballots were found in drainage ditches, and Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar has stated there was no “intentional fraud,” but rather an error in processing the ballots.

    “The investigation is still going on, but from the initial reports we’ve been given, this was a bad error,” she argued. “This was not intentional fraud. So training, training, training.”


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