17:44 GMT23 November 2020
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    The president’s Twitter account has already been subjected to ‘soft’ censorship, with the social media giant hiding about a third of his tweets on Wednesday behind a “some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and may be misleading” wall and slapping others with disclaimers.

    A growing chorus of Democratic lawmakers and liberal-leaning public figures, journalists and activists has called on Twitter to suspend Donald Trump’s account.

    “Suspend his account, @Twitter. This is pure disinformation. Valid votes are being counted. This is America, not Russia,” Virginia Congressman Gerry Connolly wrote, responding to a tweet by the President accusing Democratic-led states of eating into his lead in key battleground states via illegal “surprise ballot dumps”.

    “Right now, the President’s Twitter account is posting lies and misinformation at a breathtaking clip. It is a threat to our democracy and should be suspended until all the votes are counted,” Rhode Island Representative David Cicilline suggested.

    The representatives’ sentiments were echoed by other blue-check Democrat-supporting personalities, with some users ‘explaining’ that locking Trump out of his account would help to ensure the “protection of our democracy”.

    The suspension requests follow previous appeals by Democrats, most famously by Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris, to block the President’s Twitter account. Harris had made suspending Trump’s Twitter a major plank of her short-lived presidential campaign.

    Twitter dismissed Harris’s request at the time, saying the tweets she cited as justification for the deletion of Trump’s account “do not violate our policies against abusive behaviour, targeted harassment, or violence on the service.” Harris continued to urge her fellow Democrat candidates for president to pledge to support for her effort to stop Trump on Twitter before dropping out of the race in December 2019.

    Twitter flagged about a third of Trump’s tweets on Wednesday and Thursday with the disclaimer reading “Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process,” and added a series of multi-coloured exclamation point-laden labels including a link reading “Learn about Us 2020 election security efforts.”

    Trump and the Republicans have repeatedly accused Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey of censorship in recent weeks, especially after the company blocked users from sharing a story by the New York Post about Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s alleged corrupt dealings in Ukraine between 2014 and 2019.

    In mid-October, Reston-Virginia-based media content analysis group Media Research Center discovered that Trump’s Facebook and Twitter accounts had been subjected to censorship more than 60 times since 2018, whereas Biden’s accounts during the same period saw zero instances of censorship against them.


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