00:34 GMT28 January 2021
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    Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor who became US President Donald Trump's lawyer and adviser, told members of the press in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday the campaign would be filing several lawsuits, possibly even at the national level, to shut down the vote counting in the Keystone State.

    As the counting of ballots in several US states continues into Wednesday, Giuliani went to Pennsylvania, where the Trump campaign has declared victory even though the state election authorities haven't announced a result yet. He denounced the ongoing counting process as wrought with fraud, claiming Trump election observers weren't being allowed to monitor it.

    "Not a single Republican has been able to look at these ballots," Giuliani told reporters, remarking they "could be from Mars" and claiming that Philadelphia ostensibly has a history of voter fraud.

    "This is beyond anything I’ve seen before," he added, noting the campaign had already filed one lawsuit and would soon be filing a second, aiming to block counting until the GOP was granted better access, which might in turn be followed by more at the federal level.

    Other lawsuits announced by the Trump campaign Wednesday afternoon included one to initiate a recount in Wisconsin, which was recently declared a victory for  Democratic rival Joe Biden, and to intervene in pending litigation before the US Supreme Court concerning Pennsylvania's extended deadline for mail-in ballots.

    Pennsylvania holds a valuable 20 electoral votes, and if Trump hopes to triumph over Democratic rival Joe Biden, he will have to win the state and every other remaining undeclared state as well. With 85% of votes counted, the incumbent president leads in the state by roughly 300,000 votes.

    At a separate press conference moments before, Biden addressed the issue of Pennsylvania, saying that nearly all of the remaining ballots are mail-ins, which have been going very heavily Democratic in the Keystone State.

    However, several TV networks, including Fox News and CNN, have begun declaring Biden has won Michigan and its 16 electoral votes. If so, Trump's path to the presidency has become almost impossible. The other states not yet called for any candidate are North Carolina, with 15 votes; Georgia, with 16 votes; Nevada, with 6 votes; Alaska, with 3 votes; and Pennsylvania.

    Moments after Giuliani's presser, Trump tweeted that he had won not only Pennsylvania, but also North Carolina and Georgia. "Additionally, we hereby claim the State of Michigan if, in fact there was a large number of secretly dumped ballots as has been widely reported!" he added. Twitter immediately flagged both tweets as containing misleading information about the election.


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