14:47 GMT25 November 2020
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    Earlier, the Trump-appointed US Director of National Intelligence claimed that Iran was among those countries attempting to interfere with the American presidential election, but failed to present evidence supporting his accusations. In response, Tehran summoned the Swiss envoy representing US interests to protest the allegations.

    Iran, according to a recent statement, has little interest in the results of the US presidential election, which takes place on 3 November, and instead will be looking at the actions of the elected candidate toward the Islamic republic, Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said.

    "Our position is clear: we do not look at (what happens) tomorrow, we will be watching the approach of the new US administration, whichever party he is from. More than the result of the election, we will pay attention to the actions", the official said.

    Last week, an Iranian government spokesman, Ali Rabiyee, made a similar statement, claiming that Tehran does not care what party the next US president belongs to, as long as they make a move to restore Washington's participation in the nuclear deal with Iran. The spokesman noted, however, that the US will have to make it up to Iran for all the damage inflicted by the 2018 withdrawal from the deal.

    "It's no different to us which president in the US will decide to return to the nuclear deal and stop troubling other actors' compliance with their undertakings. Any president who makes such a decision will be welcomed", Rabiyee said.

    Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has considered using the abandoned 2015 Iran nuclear deal as a "starting-point" for new negotiations with Iran on the issue.

    'Baseless' US Allegations of Iran's Election Meddling

    Khatibzadeh's statement come in the light of allegations made by the Trump -appointed US Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, who accused Iran of trying to affect the outcome of the US election by sending emails designed to "intimidate voters". A recent Politico report, however, suggested that Ratcliffe veered off script as he made his remarks on the alleged meddling, as his speech was being edited "until mere moments before he went on stage".

    Regardless of Ratcliff's motivations, Tehran strongly opposes the US accusations, which it has dubbed as "baseless" and summoned the Swiss ambassador, who represents Washington's interests in the nation, to lodge a protest. An Iranian foreign ministry spokesman noted that Tehran has no interest in either candidate and is not involved in election meddling.

    "[Iran] has repeatedly stated that it neither has any interest in interfering in the US election nor does it think interference would be to anyone’s benefit. The US election has turned into a show, and as in a show, they try to create more attractions", Khatibzadeh stated.


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