14:49 GMT25 November 2020
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    Donald Trump prides himself on outdoing his rivals at every turn. The President famously bragged that his inauguration crowd was bigger than that of Barack Obama’s. Yet, his challenger Joe Biden appears to have outperformed him at one critical juncture.

    Former Vice President Joe Biden has spent more money on television and digital advertising during his bid to take the Oval Office than any president in American history, according to the firm Advertising Analytics.

    The nonpartisan organisation claims that Mr Biden’s campaign has forked out more than $582 million on television adverting since launching last year. Moreover, the Biden campaign has allegedly spent $45 million on such efforts over the past three weeks alone. In stark contrast, Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign has put $342 million into television and digital advertising over the past two years.

    According to Advertising Analytics, even former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, despite his wealth and influence, spent less during his short-lived campaign effort.

    The firm says that Biden has an extra $57 million tucked away in his back pocket ready for the final 10 days leading up to the November elections. On the other side of the political aisle, Donald Trump’s campaign is said to have more than $50 million in adversjitisng booked and ready to air in the run-up to November.

    While both sides are said to have splurged a grand total of $160 million on television and digital adverts in the past seven days alone, Trump has outdone Biden on Facebook and Google advertising - arguably a critical piece of digital terrain - with $14 million to $12.7 million spent by the former Vice President.

    Biden and Trump and those groups that have thrown support behind both candidates have run over a mind-blowing 100,000 advertisements per week since the start of October, according to the Wesleyan Media Project.

    Yet, only on November 3 will it become truly apparent as to whether Mr Biden’s spending spree has paid off.

    According to most polling, Democratic challenger Biden is currently leading Trump in national polls by an average of 10 points, suggesting that just over half of Americans who intend to vote will close ranks behind Obama’s Vice President.

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