09:04 GMT28 November 2020
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    The 90-minute matchup is expected to be heated, as the two candidates will debate on six major subjects picked by debate host and NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker, including anti-COVID-19 measures, American families, racial issues across the country, climate change, national security, and leadership sticking points.

    US President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, are holding their second and final debate ahead of Election Day, which is only twelve days away, at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Ahead of the Thursday debate, Trump underwent a coronavirus test with results showing that the president was not currently infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus, according to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

    The debate was originally scheduled to take place on 15 October, before it was canceled following the Republican president’s COVID-19 infection in early-October and his refusal to participate in a virtual debate.

    In order to avoid having to experience Trump and Biden interrupting each other during tonight's debate - as happened at the first debate on 29 September - the US Commission on Presidential Debates announced on Monday that the candidates would have their microphones turned off while their opponent has his two-minute say on each of the debate's major six topics.

    As of Thursday, Biden is maintaining a steady 10 percent national lead over Trump, according to Quinnipiac University Polls.

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    • 02:34

      Candidates Switch to Final Topic of the Night - Leadership

    • 02:29

      Joe Biden Claims He 'Never' Said He Was Going to 'Ban' Fracking, Asks Trump to Put Video Proof on His Website

    • 02:22

      Trump, Biden Address Climate Change

    • 02:13

      Trump Says He Ran For Office Because Obama Administration Did a 'Poor Job'

    • 02:11

      'Nobody Has Done More for the Black Community Than Donald Trump' (Possibly Except for Abraham Lincoln) - Trump

    • 02:04

      Trump, Biden Answer Question on Incumbent, Obama Administration Immigration Policy

    • 01:54

      Biden's 'Public Option' Means 'Destroying Your Medicare', POTUS Says

    • 01:48

      Biden Says Will Pass Obamacare With 'Public Option' - 'Bidencare'

    • 01:47

      Candidates Begin Answering Healthcare Related Questions

    • 01:44

      Biden Says 'We Are Going to Make Sure We Can Control' DPRK

    • 01:37

      Trump Confirms Reports on His Bank Account in China, Claims Closed it in 2015

    • 01:36

      Biden Denies His Son Hunter Took Money From China

    • 01:32

      Trump Invokes 'the Big Man' From Emails Extracted From An Alleged Hunter Biden Laptop

    • 01:31

      Biden Questions Trump's 'Unwillingness' to Release His Tax Returns

    • 01:28

      POTUS Says There Was Nobody Tougher 'Than Donald Trump' on Russia

    • 01:26

      Biden Says Any Country That Interferes With American Election 'Will Pay a Price'

      Joe Biden, while addressing the question on the alleged foreign interference in the US internal affairs during the debate said that any country that is trying to do so will “pay a price”.

      “Any country, no matter who it is, that interferes in American elections will pay a price,” Biden said. “It’s been overwhelmingly clear in this election — won’t even get into the last one — this election that Russia has been involved, China’s been involved to some degree, and now we learn that Iran is involved.”

    • 01:26

      Candidates Switch to the Topic of National Security

    • 01:17

      Kanye West Campaigns, Teaching Voters to 'Write Him In' While Trump, Biden Meet in Final Debate

    • 01:08

      Biden Criticizes Trump While Answering COVID-19 Pandemic Question

      Biden in response said Trump still has no comprehensive plan to fight COVID-19. The former vice presient called Trump's approach "tragic". The former vice president harshly criticized the incumbent, arguing that anyone responsible for the 200,000 deaths from the COVID-19 coronavirus should not remain in office. 

    • 01:05

      Trump Responds to the First Question on COVID-19 Pandemic

      Trump opened the debate defending his record against the pandemic, saying that his administration would announce a vaccine within weeks. Trump also said that Americans are learning to live with COVID-19 and the US needs to open schools. Trump blamed China for US woes due to the virus.

    • 01:05

      Trump, Biden Take the Stage at Final Presidential Debate

    • 00:57

      Ivanka Trump Shares Photo of Father's Support Group Ahead of Final Debate

    • 00:38

      Biden, Harris Express Readiness With Less Than 30 Minutes Left Before the Debate Grand Finale

      With less than half an hour left before the second and final US presidential debate, the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, and his vice president pick, Kamala Harris, expressed readiness for the upcoming verbal clash anticipated by millions of people worldwide.

    Live Updates: Trump, Biden Hold Second & Final Presidential Debate in Nashville, Tennessee


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