06:11 GMT21 October 2020
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    According to South Carolina's The State newspaper, potential targets included the New York City-based Trump Tower and the stock exchange, along with several other locations, as the man behind the attacks intended to target "government centres".

    Federal court documents show that a resident of South Carolina planned several "Netflix worthy" terrorist attacks in several locations around the United States, a South-Carolina-based newspaper, The State, reported.

    The man was identified as a Daesh* supporter, Kristopher Sean Matthews, who also went by the alias "Ali Jibreel" and conspired with other terrorist advocates, particularly a Texas man named Jaylyn Christopher Molina.

    Before being arrested by federal agents , the two were planning to organise violent attacks in various locations around the US on behalf of Daesh, discussing how many people they would need, how to make bombs and what objects to target.

    Matthews suggested attacking "government centres" rather than places like "malls where innocent children are". According to a federal affidavit, potential targets included the Trump Tower, the stock exchange and several other locations.

    “We need to stick together, we need to defeat them, we need to take a lot of casualties", Molina is said to have messaged Matthews, with the latter commenting later that an attack, if carried out, would be “rock star status baby" and "Netflix worthy".

    The two remain in custody, accused of “conspiring to provide material support or resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization". They were arrested after covert FBI agents and confidential sources tracked the two.

    Besides the planned attacks, the two also discussed the possibility of moving to Syria to join Daesh.

    *Daesh is a terrorist organisation banned in Russia and many other countries


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