03:17 GMT19 September 2020
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    As US Election Day approaches, Americans prepare to give their voices to either incumbent Republican President Donald Trump or his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden. But who would Jesus Christ vote for in the November 2020 presidential election? A recent poll conducted among religiously-motivated voters offers a clue.

    A new poll conducted by a US non-profit organization, Vote Common Good, suggests that overly-religious American voters believe that Christ would have voted for the sitting Republican president, Donald Trump, against Democratic presidential nominee and former vice president, Joe Biden, in the November election.

    Conducted among 1430 reportedly registered voters (792 Evangelical Christians and 638 Catholics) in five key election battleground states; Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the poll found that 28% of participants agree that Jesus would vote for Trump, whereas 27% of those who took part in the poll suggested that the Christian 'son of god' would vote for Biden, according to survey findings released on Thursday.

    The holdouts, at 23%, suggested that the Christ would not have voted for either, while 22% offered that the mythical religious figure would be equally likely to vote for either candidate, or said that they simply don’t know, according to the polling.

    Among Catholics voters, 35% suggested that the second most important figure of Christianity would issue his voice to the Democratic candidate, and 25% said they think the Christ would vote for Trump. The poll also found that 31% of Evangelical respondents believe that Jesus Christ would vote for Trump, while 20% suggested he would vote for Biden.

    One finding in the poll suggested that this year’s election “is currently on track” to witness an 11% swing toward the Democratic nominee, compared to the 2016 election, when religious voters in some states preferred the then-Republican candidate Trump over his then-opponent, former New York state Senator and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    “The 2020 election is currently on track to produce an 11% swing towards Biden compared with 2016 among Evangelicals and Catholics, averaging across both Christian denominations and all 5 swing states surveyed,” according to the Vote Common Good statement.

    The group also anticipated that even a 5% reduction in endorsement for Trump across the five swing states would flip four of them, except for North Carolina.

    “Trump’s lack of kindness will likely cost him the election,” said Doug Pagitt, executive director of Vote Common Good. “Four years ago, many religious voters decided to look the other way and give Trump a chance, but, after witnessing his cruelty and corruption, some of them are searching for an off-ramp.”


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