17:16 GMT15 May 2021
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    Among the recent Donald Trump-oriented literary bonanza, ranging from tell-all volumes to panegyrics, investigative journalist and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Bob Woodward revisited the POTUS story that “never stops giving”, publishing the book “Rage”, a follow-up to his first opus "Fear", released in September 2018.

    Former Defense Secretary James Mattis reportedly once warned that “collective action” might be needed to reign in President Donald Trump’s “dangerous” behavior in the White House, according to excerpts from a new book by the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward, cited by The Washington Post.

    The opus “Rage”, that teased insights into the Trump administration machinations, cites one-time White House officials, like ex-Secretary of Defence James Mattis and former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

    According to the book, at one point Mattis was particularly concerned about Trump’s leadership.

    During the 2017 standoff with North Korea over its missile tests, Mattis is said to have sought solace in quiet prayer for the fate of the nation at Washington National Cathedral and, according to Woodward, told Dan Coats, “There may come a time when we have to take collective action” since Trump is “dangerous. He’s unfit.”

    In another conversation quoted by Woodward, Mattis told Coats:

    “The president has no moral compass.”

    The director of national intelligence reportedly quipped in reply:

    “True. To him, a lie is not a lie. It’s just what he thinks. He doesn’t know the difference between the truth and a lie.”

    Netizens weighed in on the revelations of the purported exchange between the then-White House officials.

    ​Many on social media were amused by the colorful picture of the general praying for the “fate of the nation”.

    Other netizens wondered in earnest why “action” had not been taken at the time.


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