05:11 GMT13 May 2021
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    17-year-old Rittenhouse was arrested and charged for killing two protesters during a racially-charged protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last week.

    Attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse L. Lil Wood says he was locked out of his account on Twitter after posting a tweet to raise money for Rittenhouse's legal defence.

    Wood later clarified that Twitter blocked him from tweeting for several hours for "glorifying violence".

    ​The attorney said that Twitter was trying to silence him and accused its CEO Jack Dorsey of abusing the First Amendment for the sake of his own agenda.

    "I knew they were going to censor me because I'm sending a message of hope", Wood told Fox News. "I'm sending a message of truth. And I'm sending a message that Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent."

    Earlier on Monday, Wood tweeted that $605,550 in donations were raised for the legal defence of Rittenhouse. The attorney insists the accident in Kenosha was an act of self-defence.

    President Donald Trump has also said that Rittenhouse was "violently" attacked and trying to get away, adding that he could have probably been killed.


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