11:46 GMT27 September 2020
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    Trump's approval rating black voters is now three times higher than the percentage who voted for him in 2016. African Americans make up more than a tenth of the electorate in several swing states, including Florida, Michigan and Virginia.

    US President Donald Trump's poll rating soared among black voters during this week's Republican National Convention (RNC).

    A poll by HarrisX for political news site The Hill found his approval rating among black voters had jumped nine points from 15 to 24 per cent since the last poll run from August 8 to 11.

    The results contradict recent polling for the November presidential election, which give Democratic candidate Joe Biden a clear lead.

    Exit polls from the 2016 election, in which Hillary was tipped to beat Trump by a large margin, showed that only 8 per cent of blacks voted for the winner.

    His support among Hispanic voters also rose two points since the last poll, to 32 per cent.

    The poll of almost 2,900 voters was conducted between August 22 and 25, including the first two days of the RNC, at which prominent black Americans spoke in support of Trump's re-election bid.

    Trump has accused his opponent and Democrats in general of allowing violent protests to run riot across the country and has repeatedly called on state governors to mobilise the National Guard to quell unrest.

    One British conservative Twitter account seized on the poll to predict Trump would win in November, claiming: "People are fed up of woke nonsense."

    ​A CNN commentator Harry Enten pointed out in an article published Saturday that Trump's approval rating has never even reached 50 per cent - not even during the 2016 presidential race which he won.

    "The importance of even a slight shift in African-American voter sentiment shouldn't be underestimated," Enten wrote. "They make up greater than 10% of the US electorate, and more in key swing states like Florida, Michigan and Virginia."


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