02:17 GMT27 September 2020
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    US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer made an appearance on Monday on MSNBC to talk about US President Donald Trump’s executive orders on aid reportedly dedicated to address the public health crisis and economic woes triggered by the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

    US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer criticized a recently signed executive orders by US President Donald Trump on coronavirus pandemic economic relief during a live interview on MSNBC on Monday, forgetting three “good” words.

    “We need bold action. We are not going to settle for some skimpy thing that doesn’t work,” Schumer said of Trump’s economic executive orders. “You know, what I called it, by the way, was, what I’ve been calling them, what I’ve been calling this is unworkable, uh, um, uh — I got to remember the words, but they’re good---.”

    Before remembering the words, Schumer was interrupted by host Joe Scarborough, who suggested the missing words were “great” and wanted to go on, calling on fellow journalist Mike Barnicle to put a question to the New York Senator.

    “Great words, Senator. Senator, Mike Barnicle, Mike Barnicle is with us and has a question for you. Mike. Mike,” Scarborough said.

    The Democratic leader was quick to summon up his ideas and pronounce three words to accomplish the contexts.

    “They’re far too narrow. Weak. Unworkable, weak, and far too narrow. That’s it. That’s the three words,” Schumer added.

    On Saturday, Trump signed four executive orders intended to provide financial aid to Americans amidst the ongoing economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, after a failure in negotiations with Congress earlier in the week.

    In response to the unilateral move, Schumer, along with US Speaker of the Nouse Nancy Pelosi, in a joint statement, slammed the president for bypassing Congress with executive actions.


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