19:37 GMT05 August 2020
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    Portland has been rocked by violent protests amid a nationwide wave of demonstrations against racism and police brutality, with US President Donald Trump sending federal agents to help curb the unrest and protect federal property.

    69-year-old Karla Fox outed one of the Portland protesters as an alleged "bomber" who threw an explosive into the federal courthouse, recognizing a vest he was wearing and realizing that it was her grandson, the New York Post reported

    Fox, who is said to be a Trump supporter, reportedly recognized her grandson, 18-year-old Gabriel 'Rico' Agard-Berryhill, in a video as he was wearing a green vest with the phrase 'ICONS' printed on it - a vest that she bought for him as a present.

    The report cited an alleged tweet from Fox after she recognized her grandson as the one who threw a bomb into a federal courthouse in Portland.

    "I bought the vest for him after he found one online after getting hit with rubber bullets the night before at the protest", Fox told The Post.

    According to Fox, her grandson tricked her into thinking he was "hanging out at Riot Ribs [an anarchist food co-op] and doing peaceful things". She said that when she last saw her grandson, he had told her that he was "peacefully protesting" and "protecting a girl" - the girl was apparently a Portland protest "icon", the naked Athena who planted herself in front of a line of battle-dressed police without any clothing. Agard-Berryhill allegedly came out of the crowd wearing his green vest and holding a shield to protect her from rubber bullets fired by the police.

    The grandmother claimed that she did not know that her comments would help authorities identify the arson suspect, while her vest review and grandson's photo have been listed as leading evidence in a federal affidavit, the New York Post said.

    ​Agard-Berryhill appeared to have confessed to misguided involvement in the incident in a text messages to the New York Post, but denied that he was the bomber.

    “The device I’ve been accused of allegedly throwing was allegedly given to me by an unknown protestor with full face coverings,” he wrote. “I was allegedly told that it was a strobe firework that wouldn’t damage the building or harm anyone around it. Law enforcement has not contacted me for any alleged crime as of right now”

    According to Fox, her grandson is currently on probation for a prior felony conviction when he was a minor. 

    The federal courthouse bombing incident in Portland came amid another day of violent protests that have been rocking the city for several months, as federal agents deployed to the city by President Donald Trump are reportedly being moved out of the city. 


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