02:05 GMT30 September 2020
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    A shocking policy at a restaurant in Northern California of turning away customers who follow the state’s order to wear face coverings has ignited outrage on social media.

    The Apple Bistro - located in Placerville, about 40 miles northeast of Sacramento - has unfathomably been turning away customers who are following the state mandate for wearing face coverings while out in public spaces to slow the spread of COVID-19, local outlet KABC-TV reported.

    The restaurant is facing numerous complaints after customers stated that the staff refused to serve anyone wearing a mask, according to multiple reviews posted on Yelp and social media.

    The restaurant has posted a sign out front that states its policy in plain terms: "No social conditioning. No oxygen deprivation mask. No latex dirty germ spreader."

    “I’ll never return again!” posted Anahid G., of San Jose, on Yelp. “Any place that is refusing to serve people wearing a mask deserves to be shut down. What kind of freaking idiots don’t understand what a pandemic is? I’ve had 9 people I know die from this virus, and I find it an insult to their memory – and everyone else who has died or gotten sick.”

    “The management here must be effing psychotic,” posted Michelle R. of Emeryville. “I sure as heck wouldn’t eat here. If the chef and staff aren’t wearing masks, then they likely have COVID germs floating around. Science is real. Wear a mask.”

    "I was just asked to leave this café, when I went in to grab an apple pie," another woman wrote on social media, according to KABC-TV. "Why? Because I was wearing a mask. We stop almost every time we come up to the cabin. We will never stop there again."

    California Governor Gavin Newsom announced an executive order last month mandating the wearing of face masks in public places. Officials in El Dorado County, where Placerville is located, said that order would be enforced through visits by health inspectors, and restaurants that flout the mandate will receive only one warning, after which they face the possibility of their licenses to serve food being suspended, KABC-TV reported.


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