17:23 GMT03 July 2020
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    Protests have been non-stop across the United States over the death of black Minneapolis citizen George Floyd, who died at a hospital shortly after a brutal police arrest. However, peaceful demonstrations have grown into violent clashes with police, vandalism, and looting.

    An old man was attacked by a swarm of enraged protesters in Downtown Salt Lake City on Saturday.

    Footage shared online shows the man pulling out a bow and an arrow after which he gets swarmed and beaten up by several rioters. Other protesters nearby can be heard chanting in support.

    Many Twitter users were shocked the attackers did not show any mercy for the man, calling it a mob, while others cited the famous quote "don't bring a knife to a gunfight".

    "He never shot an arrow. Probably wanted to scare ppl. How is this more insane than people shooting other people randomly?", a netizen wrote.

    However, there were also those who considered the man was guilty himself for bringing the bow and arrow and "got what he deserved".

    However, many users said that what is going on is not even close to peaceful demonstrations and more of a violent mob, calling for tougher action to be taken across the country.

    "These people are not protestors. They are there to cause trouble. It's disgusting", a netizen wrote.

    US President Donald Trump has blamed the "radical left" for inciting violence across the country, with rioters engaging in open clashes with police, vandalising and smashing vehicles, setting buildings on fire, and even stealing from local businesses.

    On Friday, a US Federal Protective Service officer was shot and killed amid the unrest in Oakland, California, which the US Department of Homeland Security qualified as terrorism.

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