11:17 GMT11 August 2020
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    The book, which is due to be released next week, also suggests that Barack Obama may become the first former US president to earn $1 billion after leaving office in January 2017.

    In her new book, a copy of which was obtained by the Daily Mail, author Kate Andersen Brower focuses on former US President Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, claiming, in particular, that Clinton “desperately wanted to be useful to Obama - but he wasn't interested in his advice”.

    According to the book titled “Team of Five: The Presidents Club in the Age of Trump”, the Obamas don't maintain close ties with the Clintons because they believe that the Monica Lewinsky scandal which involved Bill Clinton permanently damaged the image of the Democratic Party.

    In December 1998, Clinton was impeached after he testified to a grand jury that he had engaged in an “improper physical relationship” with Lewinsky.  He was, however, acquitted of the charges and stayed in office until January 2001 when he was replaced by George W. Bush.

    The Daily Mail cites the author as saying in the book due to go on sale next week that Barack Obama “was also put off by the former president's tendency to have long rambling conversations, feeling that Clinton took all the oxygen in the room”.

    The book argues that Clinton remains in the limelight because “he cannot stand to be away from the centre of power”.

    Even so, Obama may become to the first former American president to earn at least $1 billion after leaving the White House in 2017, Brower claims, adding that Clinton and his wife Hillary have managed to make about $240 million since leaving office in January 2001.

    The author recalls that the Obamas have already earned $65 million for their memoirs and an unspecified hefty deal with Netflix and that Barack is allegedly in talks with wealthy donors to get money for his presidential library, thought to cost around $500 million.

    In 2018, Brower says, the former US president acknowledged that even he was “surprised” about how wealthy he had become, adding, “there's only so much you can eat. There's only so big a house you can have. There's only so many nice trips you can take”.

    Separately, the book touches upon incumbent president Donald Trump who will be expelled from the club of living former US presidents when he steps down because he has ostensibly offended them all and shattered their unspoken conventions, the author was cited by the Daily Mail as saying.

    Brower writes that Trump's reluctance to turn to his predecessors for advice is “extraordinary” and that “even the worst, most strained” relationship between previous presidents was “not like this”.

    POTUS’ “scorched earth path he's chosen has made it impossible to maintain friendships, or even civility with the men who once occupied the Oval Office”, the author asserts.

    Right now, the "team" includes Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush.


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