11:46 GMT29 September 2020
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    After a spate of primary defeats to the establishment favourite Joe Biden, Democratic contender Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) announced on 8 April that he was ending his campaign, leaving Joe Biden as the only candidate from the party to stand in the election.

    The decision by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to suspend his campaign means Barack Obama may soon reenter the political spotlight to take on an active role in the general election campaign against President Trump. claim sources close to both the former President and current Democratic candidate Joe Biden, writes The Hill.

    “He’s eager to go.. He’s been waiting for this election for almost four years,” a source close to Obama was quoted as saying.
    “Like everyone else, Obama is going to have to appear on video or on television, but the biggest question is how? That’s all being ironed out,” added an insider.

    Both Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama are expected by the sources to begin appearing in upcoming virtual fundraisers to boost Biden’s campaign and seek to sway those still on the sidelines.

    Amid the coronavirus outbreak the ex-president has reportedly been staying at his Washington home working on his book and other projects.

    “No one has heard from him in a long time, and people will pay a lot of money to hear from him, even on a computer,” an Obama supporter said.

    According to the outlet, Barack Obama and Joe Biden have reportedly spoken “quite frequently” in recent days, with the former President also having spoken to Sanders.

    President Barack Obama, accompanied by, from left, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford, Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Vice President Joe Biden, speaks about Afghanistan.
    © AP Photo / Pablo Martinez Monsivais
    President Barack Obama, accompanied by, from left, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford, Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Vice President Joe Biden, speaks about Afghanistan.

    Although former President Barack Obama has steered clear of the Democratic primary, refusing to endorse a Democrat until after the primary, sources are cited as suggesting he is eager to endorse his former vice president, Joe Biden.

    Joe Biden, claim insiders, has been soliciting Obama’s counsel on how he ran the selection process for vice president and diverse tactical and strategic issues regarding transition from the primary to the general election.

    It is also suggested that Biden asked Obama not to endorse him, saying:

    “I have to earn this on my own.”

    Nonetheless, during his campaign the former vice president amply utilized his experience in the Obama administration, and reinvigorated his bid through the support of African American voters loyal to the former president.

    Pandemic Concerns

    Before the pandemic, sources claim, Obama was set to campaign “aggressively” for the Democratic nominee Biden, from summertime and until the election.

    However, despite now being allegedly prepared to offer his support for Biden, who has been working from his basement recreation room amid the lockdown, the former president acknowledges concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Amidst the measures in place to contain the spread of the novel respiratory disease, the very nature of current politics is witnessing changes, with many campaign basics abandoned, such as large rallies and handshakes.

    “Seeing Obama on the campaign trail should excite voters who’ve longed to see him weigh in on current issues and give Biden the needed push… Obama would also remind voters of his competence while in office, creating a strong contrast between Trump and the Democratic alternative,” the outlet quotes Basil Smikle, who served as the executive director of the New York State Democratic Party and a former aide to Clinton as saying.

    On Twitter, Democrats showed enthusiasm for the former president to enter the fray.

    Addisu Demissie, Sen. Cory Booker’s (D-N.J.) former presidential campaign manager posted a GIF of Obama and Biden running down a White House corridor.

    ​Doug Landry, a former Hillary Clinton aide, tweeted on 8 April a cartoon image of Barack Obama as Superman, captioning his post to say that “it was time!”.


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