21:46 GMT27 October 2020
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    2020 Coronavirus Outbreak (490)

    Americans are feeling the strain of 'coronavirus fatigue' as new cases are being reported by the Trump administration and numerous bureaus amid a state of emergency announced on Friday, prompting further US officials to issue public bans and flight restrictions until further notice.

    Americans are beginning to lose sleep as the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the nation, a survey from Mattress Insider revealed.

    The Colorado-based company surveyed around 1,000 Americans on the coronavirus outbreak and divided responses based on demographics.

    Americans lost 30 percent more sleep after reports of coronavirus infections in the US emerged, the survey found.

    Women were twice as likely to be fearful of the outbreak compared to men, with people aged 45 to 54 reporting the most anxiety. But despite being the highest at-risk demographic, sleeping habits of seniors aged 65 or older were almost unaffected.

    Mattress Insider Survey How Scared Are You Of Coronavirus
    How Scared Are You Of The Coronavirus Survey Response from Mattress Insider

    47 percent of those questioned spent money preparing for the outbreak, with 10 percent of responders spending over $1,000.

    Criticisms over US president Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus were reflected in the findings, with those surveyed scoring the president only 4.3 out of 10 in overall satisfaction.

    Which States Feel The Most 'Corona-Ready'?

    Out of all responders, Wyoming was the most fearful of the coronavirus outbreak, followed by Hawaii at 8.5 and 8 out of ten, respectively, with both feeling underprepared for the virus. 

    Nebraska (2.25) and Idaho (2.71) were the least fearful compared to the national average of 5.40.

    But Alaska and North Dakota were the most 'corona-ready' states, reporting 8 and 7.5 out of ten, respectively, the survey found, with Vermont (3/10) and Louisiana (4/10) feeling the least prepared for an outbreak.

    The news comes after a White House briefing revealed 2,226 cases as of Saturday, with US president Donald Trump announcing a state of emergency along with measures to stop the spread of the disease on Friday such as entry bans on 26 EU countries, including the United Kingdom and Ireland, coming into effect on Monday.

    New York State has also confirmed 421 cases, the highest in the US, with 154 cases present in NYC alone, prompting mayor Bill de Blasio to close numerous facilities, effective on Tuesday morning.

    2020 Coronavirus Outbreak (490)


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