12:18 GMT23 January 2021
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    As Weinstein’s spokesperson has explained, his client has had plenty of time to think about what he did and how he ended up behind bars.

    Disgraced American movie mogul and convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein has apparently ended up suffering some unspecified complications after a fall he had sometime during 8 March at Rikers Island penitentiary where he is currently being held.

    As Weinstein’s spokesperson Juda Engelmayer explained to CNN, Harvey seems to have experienced some kind of dizziness prior to falling, and that he does not walk steadily.

    "Harvey says his head throbs all the time and thinks he has a concussion", Engelmayer said. "He has not been officially diagnosed".

    Having conversed with Weinstein by via phone on Sunday evening, Engelmayer noted that Harvey has "had a lot of time to think about his life and what he's done".

    "He said he wasn't a nice guy and that's how he got here", Engelmayer added.

    Last week, it was revealed that Weinstein is living alone on the sixth floor of the main building of the North Infirmary Command at Rikers Island, being monitored around the clock by surveillance cameras and guards.

    Weinstein’s comforts also include free medical care, access to the law library and heart-healthy options for meals, along with the ability to order junk food from the commissary.

    Having been convicted of one count of criminal sexual assault in the first degree, and one count of rape in the third degree, Weinstein now resides at Rikers Island where he awaits sentencing, scheduled to take place on 11 March.

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