06:48 GMT05 December 2020
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    Sanders and Biden have intensified their shots at each other ahead of the six-state vote on 10 March, as the Democratic field has narrowed down to just two main rivals, with the third remaining candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard unlikely to last long in the race.

    Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders said on Saturday that Joe Biden can't "generate enthusiasm" among voters due to the support the former vice president is getting from billionaires.

    "The American people are disgusted with billionaires buying elections. We believe in democracy, one person one vote, not billionaires spending hundreds of millions of dollars. I just don't think that Joe Biden can generate enthusiasm when you got 60 billionaires contributing to his campaign", Sanders said at a rally in Dearborn, Michigan.

    Sanders went on to say that taking money from billionaires means Biden is not going to support the working class and the middle class.

    After winning a decisive victory in South Carolina, Biden went on to take 10 out of 14 state primaries on Super Tuesday but lost California, the "golden state" with 415 delegates, to Sanders.

    Biden, Sanders, and Gabbard are the only candidates remaining in the 2020 Democratic race, after Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and later Michael Bloomberg dropped out to endorse Biden for the presidential bid. Elizabeth Warren was the latest to announce her withdrawal following her poor performance on Super Tuesday, but the senator refrained from officially endorsing any of the remaining candidates.

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