23:15 GMT22 February 2020
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    Social media users were mostly taken aback considering the ironic fact that economics was AOC's major at university, which she has bragged about on Twitter, and wondered if her opinion on the subject could be considered competent any longer given her recent slip of the tongue.

    Netizens have expressed their discontent on Twitter over Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez confusing the names of two prominent economists.

    In an Instagram story shared on Saturday, AOC apparently invented a new combination of the names of John Keynes and Milton Friedman, which appeared as "Milton Keynes". It is not clear though, which of the two the economists she was actually referring to.

    While some users were angry on the matter, others found it to be funny and rushed to post some jokes, wondering if she read the guidelines on economics written by fictitious Milton Keynes or whether he was her professor at university.

    "Milton Friedman and John Keynes had a baby and they named him Milton Keynes", another user tweeted.

    Some of the netizens suggested that by confusing the names, AOC has outed herself as being completely incompetent on the subject and wondered if she could then be considered a reliable source of information when speaking about US economic issues.

    "Someone needs to let her know that its better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt"

    Some netizens came up with jokes about AOC confusing numbers and giving the wrong change to a customer, in an apparent reference to her claims that she was once a bartender.

    "She was my bartender once. I don't drink alcohol. Asked for my usual; Coke with a lime. She was nice as can be. Told me it was $8. I gave her 20 & asked for 10 back. She gave me 5 back. I felt weird but asked her for the other 5. She said, 'You know it was 8, right?'. It was odd", a user joked.

    ​In addition to the name confusion, some users also noted AOC's pronunciation of "Kaynes" was also wrong.

    "She's pronouncing his name wrong too. It's "KAYNES" not "KEENS", Esoteric Jeff, a cohost at National Review tweeted.

    Others pointed out that Milton Keynes is actually a town in Buckinghamshire, southeastern England.

    Ironically, Ocasio-Cortez has once claimed superiority over her colleagues in the House for having obtained a degree in economics. 

    Despite her major in economics, AOC apparently has no idea John Maynard Keynes was an advocate of free-market principles, while Milton Friedman was actually a critic of Keynesian economics.

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