03:37 GMT30 October 2020
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    Ivanka Trump has triggered a barrage of criticism and distrust as she singled out human trafficking as the White House’s crucial priority, with many picking up on her Dad’s acquaintance and alleged ties to the late sex trafficking suspect and convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

    On Friday, first daughter and senior policy adviser Ivanka Trump joined President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for a White House-hosted Summit on Human Trafficking. She appeared at the gathering wearing a white linen wrap dress with bell sleeves, a diamond-shaped gold brooch glittering on her chest, and a pair of matching square-heel pumps.

    After discussing the current measures the administration is preoccupied with to tackle human trafficking issues and victim rehabilitation, Ivanka took to Twitter sharing a video of her and her White House circle from the Trump team’s official account:

    “This Administration has fought and will continue to fight this crime, and ensure that survivors can access the services they need of", the captioned quote from Ivanka’s summit speech reads.

    She further shared a number of other quoted excerpts from the address, including this one:

    “President Donald Trump has prioritised anti-trafficking work, proposing a $42M funding budget increase for 2021 that will enhance human trafficking investigations, prosecutions, and victim services", she then posted before proceeding to “recap on the historic summit on combatting human trafficking” drawing as usual a storm of responses online.

    One suspected that the “combat” could be profit-yielding for the Trump family, while another suggested his version of a recap of Ms Trump’s skills:

    The Mexican border camps couldn’t help but be mentioned either:

    “The donations will pour in from GOP human-traffickers who don't want to be investigated", another suggested apparently in reference to a circulated picture of Trump and convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who died while awaiting his second trial - over sex trafficking allegations. “Better set a few extra tables at Mar-a-Lago, princess", the user cheekily said.

    “Led by friend and customer of Jeffrey Epstein?” Another questioned “the battle".

    “Whatever sweatshop employer", a third retorted, while someone else closely followed with his “Trump Model Agency” remark.


    “Scouting ‘talent’ now that Epstein is ‘out of the way’", another wrote in comments to the latter remark.


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