10:06 GMT25 February 2020
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    Due to the low temperatures from Louisiana to the Carolinas and Florida, the National Weather Service in Miami issued a rare forecast warning about the possibility of iguanas falling from trees.

    The Miami National Weather Service office published the exceptional forecast on its Twitter page. The note says that iguanas are coldblooded animals who can slow down or become immobile due to the low temperatures.

    The warning was addressed to people living in South Florida. Falling sleepy iguanas aren’t that rare in Florida during winters. When frozen, these cold-blooded creatures lose their grip on the cozy trees they call home and slip. They can also damage infrastructure by digging small burrows into sidewalks or foundations and leave their droppings on decks and inside swimming pools. Usually they start to freeze once temperatures drop to around 40F (4.44C).

    "The temperature threshold for when iguanas begin to go into a dormant state depends greatly on the size of the iguana," explains Ron Magill, communications director for Zoo Miami. "Generally speaking, the larger the iguana, the more cold it can tolerate for longer periods."


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