03:23 GMT28 November 2020
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    The US Department of Defence (DoD) has released the first image of the uniforms for a newly-minted - at the behest of US President Donald Trump - sixth military branch, the United States Space Force. An official Space Force tweet includes a photo that has seriously rattled netizens.

    A new uniform for the US Space Force nameplate and the United States Space Command patch has drawn the attention of netizens who almost instantly mocked the use of camouflage as - according to many online military 'experts' - is not appropriate for orbital ops.

    ​The new outfit hit Twitter trends on Saturday after the Pentagon released the concept. Netizens argued that camouflage is only suitable for Earthbound service-members as it bears almost no difference with the ordinary camo worn by soldiers in other military branches.

    ​Someone suggested that the use of the camo was a tricky plan by the Pentagon to outwit American taxpayers.

    ​But a majority of netizens sought to assist the confused military brass by proposing better designs.

    ​The US Space Force was decreed in December 2019 by Trump, becoming a sixth branch of the US military. US Vice President Mike Pence noted that the idea of creating a space force has been discussed since the 1950s.

    The Space Force mission includes protecting the nation's interests and deterring possible aggression in, from, and to space. Spacecom will also conduct space operations and develop military-grade space professionals. 

    Earlier, Trump glowingly referred to space as the "world's newest warfighting domain". The exact division of responsibilities between the Space Force and the Space Command is expected to be determined in the coming months.


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