02:17 GMT20 April 2021
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    The names Ken Starr and Monica Lewinsky both have an essential connection to the infamous 1998 impeachment of ex-US President Bill Clinton, as the former was the independent prosecutor whose report led to Clinton's impeachment, while the latter was a primary subject in the investigation.

    American activist, television personality and former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, was apparently shocked by reports about the selection of Kenneth Starr among the lawyers who will represent US President Donald Trump’s legal defence team during the looming Senate impeachment trail.

    Lewinsky took to Twitter to express her surprise at Starr's unexpected selection, wondering “are you f**king kidding me?”.

    In 1998, Starr wrote an extensive report revealing a secret sexual relationship between Clinton and Lewinsky, while the latter was an intern at the White House. The sex scandal was one of the main reasons Clinton became the second US president in history to be impeached, although he was not removed from office by the Senate in 1999.

    Lewinsky has occasionally spoken about comparisons between the impeachments of Clinton and Trump. The activist claims that Trump’s impeachment has affected her personally, as people have made her “the punchline of a joke a little more than normal”.


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