14:17 GMT22 February 2020
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    Bloomberg hit the headlines when he announced that he would finance his campaign himself, having previously splashed out $110 million through his own political action committee on other candidates. However, many, including POTUS Donald Trump, deemed the move to reject public donors as one made out of vanity and extreme arrogance.

    President Donald Trump leapt at the chance on Friday to take a dig at his Democratic rival Michael Bloomberg, and more specifically, at his public speaking skills, tweeting:

    “Mini Mike Bloomberg doesn’t get on the Democrat Debate Stage because he doesn’t want to - he is a terrible debater and speaker”, Trump posted his evaluating remarks, before continuing that if he did, it would make truly buzzworthy news:

    Comments arrived in torrents, with one attempting to “unFox” the message, claiming that Bloomberg was not scheduled to speak at the primaries debate due to having entered the fray at the very last moment.

    ...with a few rising in defence of “smarter and slimmer” Bloomberg:

    However, quite a few ripped to pieces the “un-American” Democratic hopeful:

    “Bloomberg is scared to be on the stage. A lightweight that has no new ideas,” one noted, while another admitted Bloomberg “isn’t raising individual donors,  so won’t qualify for any debate with such criteria, while at the same time blasting “everything else as Trumpian bullshit:”

    …while another suggested the billionaire donor won’t stand the test of Bernie Sanders’ intellect:

    “It’s not about entering too late, it’s about not taking public donations", another corrected the aforementioned speaker in the thread, with others eagerly chiming in:

    Hardly had the storm in the comments to the previous tweet faded when POTUS took aim at Mike Bloomberg’s ads, which, as is clear from the comments, have got on many people’s nerves :


    The ads are “purposely wrong”, Trump tweeted, hailing his own highs during his tenure, and many seem to agree:

    “Mike Bloomberg is a joke”, one netizen posted, saying he stands no chance of winning the election, irrespective of the number of ads he uses:

    Whereas another grounded her opinion that “Bloomberg would make a horrible president” by saying that he pursues only own personal and financial interests:

    “The left is really triggered today”, another jubilated:

    …while some couldn’t help but take a chance to pick up on the Trump impeachment proceedings:

    The US will head to polls in November to decide whether Donald Trump’s electorate will grant him a second term as America’s 45th president, while the race to determine his Democratic opponent is heating up day by day.

    The primaries and caucuses will take place between January and June, with the two methods being used by states to select a potential Democratic nominee from a long list, with the top candidates being Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Michael Bloomberg, and others.


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