21:12 GMT29 January 2020
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    As the Democratic presidential primary race gets into full swing, seeing it narrow to a race between front runner Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, it has become, by extension, a battle for the heart of the party itself, between its progressive and centrist wings.

    #PresidentSanders began to trend on Twitter on Monday as supporters and opponents of the 2020 Democratic party presidential hopeful aired their positions.

    The trend seemed to follow a tweet by David Sirota, who tweeted the title before asking it to be retweeted "far and wide".

    ​Supporters of the self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist were excited by the trend.

    Including former Clinton advisors.

    ​Some even saw it as an indication of his chances at victory.

    ​Videos of Bernie Sanders events also began to circulate.

    ​Memes backing the Vermont Senator were also made.

    ​Calls to make the tweet a reality were also made.

    ​As were lists of policies proposed by the Sanders campaign.

    ​Some however, used the trend as an opportunity to demand the senator release his medical records.

    ​Not everyone is excited about the prospected of a President Bernie Sanders however.

    Some attacked the Senator's support for action on climate change.

    ​Others cautioned about what they perceived to be the dangers of socialism.

    ​Memes were used to express distaste as well as support.

    ​The senators received criticism for opposing capitalism while owning multiple properties.

    ​Senator Sanders is among the front runners of the Democratic 2020 primary, averaging a solid second place behind former Vice President Joe Biden in popularity polls. He is running on the progressive wing of the Democratic platform as a former independent senator and advocates Medicare for all and free university educations; he opposes interventionist wars, and is for imposing a climate emergency. 

    He racked up considerable support in 2016 against failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He developed a shock surge to a level where some Sanders supports have accused the Democratic Party of rigging the race against him.


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