03:04 GMT27 July 2021
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    Co-hosts of 'The View', Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain, turned up the heat of Monday’s episode of ABC’s popular talk show during a conversation over the ongoing impeachment inquiry against US President Donald Trump.

    The View co-host Goldberg shouted at colleague McCain on Monday to “stop talking” in the middle of a heated conversation over Trump’s ongoing impeachment, led by US House Democrats.

    “Girl, please stop talking. Please stop talking right now,” Goldberg shouted, as she moved the conversation along, while McCain attempted to continue arguing her point of view.

    “No problem,” McCain responded. “I won’t talk for the rest of this show. No problem”.

    “I’m OK with that,” Goldberg responded, adding that McCain was “talking over” an announcement for a commercial break.

    After the break, the topic had been changed, but McCain did not speak again, through the second break.

    Following a second commercial break, McCain began to speak again after actor Robert De Niro, who joined the show after the second commercial break, evoked her father, late Sen. John McCain.

    “[Trump] is deeply emasculated by my father’s legacy and he can’t take it,” McCain observed.

    McCain later took to Twitter to clarify the point she was trying to make to make before her clash with Goldberg.


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