07:48 GMT27 January 2021
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    The Doha Forum, visited by top-ranking officials from across the globe, has witnessed many of them being grilled by journalists, but Ivanka Trump appears to have gotten off light, with just a quick and light interview by a State Department spokeswoman.

    Former Fox News contributor and current US State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus posed clear-cut detailed prompts to the First Daughter at a major socio-economic forum in Doha, inviting her to give vague and generalised answers, for instance:

     “You were able to put women's prosperity into the national security strategy. That was so important to me that you did that and I’d love for you to explain that", Ortagus said according to BuzzFeed News. 

    Ivanka responded by detailing her work on women’s economic empowerment  as an indispensable part of her ongoing project Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, which has also involved Ortagus, the edition added.

    When asked by The Daily Beast if Trump said anything of interest or importance, BuzzFeed News editor-in-chief Ben Smith, who was in the audience for the interview, retorted: “Basically no".

    Meanwhile, hard-hitting interviews were commonplace at the event, with many other tops officials facing down inquisitive journalists from predominantly liberal pro-Democratic news outlets. For instance, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin answered questions from a CNBC journalist about sanctions on Iran, while Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) faced a plethora of questions about the Trump impeachment inquiry from a CNN anchor.

    The stark difference in the approaches, with Ivanka granted a softball interview opportunity, couldn’t go unnoticed on Twitter, with reactions varying.

    “Ivanka Trump is all about control. That makes her dangerous", one notes, while another further elaborated on the subject saying she was bracing up for “perfectly rigged elections” some time soon:

    Another blatantly remarked that “these people” being interviewed by real journalists, would turn out a complete disaster for them:

    Many opted for a more visual demonstration of what they think about “unqualified” “nepotismBarbie”, posting hilarious memes:

    “Fake interview for fake people with fake intentions", one stated in the caption to his pick of memes:

    “*faked an interview w/ former Fox employee appointed to Pompeo’s Public Relations team. (There, I fixed it. YW)", another chose to reformulate how media covered Ivanka’s appearance in Doha on Saturday.

    “Ivanka infomercial", another quipped.

    “No other government official attending this forum is being interviewed by a spokesman for that government", MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin wrote of yesterday’s event, adding she could well have requested to take the floor instead of sitting down with any journalist or as it turned out, Mike Pompeo’s PR specialist.

    The conference’s Facebook page has so far published only one recorded video from this year’s forum: footage of the Ecuadorian vice president saying, “The truth needs to go on the offensive; or it would lose the battle".


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