13:09 GMT07 May 2021
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    Donald Trump unexpectedly boarded Air Force One for an overnight visit to Afghanistan on Thursday to join US troops for Thanksgiving celebrations and address the much debated issue of armed forces' withdrawal from the country.

    President Trump’s unannounced Thanksgiving visit to Afghanistan and the US contingent there indeed came as a surprise for many, with First Daughter Ivanka being among the many who lauded POTUS’ cozy joint celebration with the military.

    “Thankful for the brave men and women of our Armed Forces! We are the land of the free because of the brave. God bless America!” the White House aide posted on Twitter.

    However, reactions that promptly swamped the comments section were quite mixed.

    Firstly, there were many who lambasted the visit as a PR stunt by “showman Trump”:

    “Nothing more than a photo op, Vanky”, one unimpressed netizen posted, with a second replying in disparaging tone:

    “Bone spurs. Nobody in your family is brave”.

    “They should all be giving him the 1 Finger salute!” another weighed in, while another added incredulously:

    “Did they make the soldiers attend?”

    For some reason others noted the Trump family “should have no security clearances”:

    Many brought up Donald Trump’s remarks made while in Afghanistan that he is bringing the troops back home:

    "Good now bring them home with you. 20 yrs occupying a country illegally is long enough!" one exclaimed, while a number of netizens applauded Trump’s Thanksgiving move, with one ridiculing the ubiquitous “disgruntled negativity”:

    Speaking at an unannounced Thanksgiving gathering on his first-ever visit to Afghanistan, where the US has been fighting for the past 18 years, President Donald Trump solemnly announced the United States is “substantially” reducing its troops there.

    He also touched upon the previously stalled negotiations with the Taliban, arguing a peace deal is in the making and close at hand.

    "The Taliban wants to make a deal", Trump stated. "And we are meeting with them and we say it has to be a ceasefire and they didn't want to do a ceasefire and now they want to do a ceasefire, I believe. It will probably work out that way".

    According to the Pentagon, the number of troops currently stationed in Afghanistan has been cut by 2,000 out of the overall 14,000 over the past year, with the ultimate goal being the reduction of them to 8,600.


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