06:04 GMT15 July 2020
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    Former President of the United States Barack Obama spoke openly on Thursday about the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates to a room of party donors in Silicon Valley following the fifth round of Dem debates Wednesday night.

    Barack Obama said that everybody should “chill out” about the disagreements between the 2020 presidential hopefuls and stand behind whichever candidate “emerges” from this race to assure that all Democrats are “hitting the ground running”, according to The Mercury News.

    Obama reportedly pointed out that it isn't necessary for the eventual nominee to be the “perfect” candidate who agrees with all issues voters think are important. Instead the former president said “The choice is so stark and the stakes are so high that you cannot afford to be ambivalent in this race”.

    He argued that beating President Trump will not be an easy job for the current candidates. He advised them to work hard and used the example of the Golden State Warriors basketball team winning “a lot of championships” through hard work.

    “We are not going to win just by increasing the turnout of people who already agree with us completely on everything, which is why I’m always suspicious of purity tests during elections", Obama reportedly said. “You know what? The country’s complicated", he added.

    According to The Mercury News, only one hundred people attended the closed event in Silicon Valley, because the tickets cost $10,000 per person, while VIP entry fees reached $355,000.


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