10:52 GMT20 September 2020
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    Burger King's Impossible Whopper, which quickly became the fast-food chain's most successful launch and has been positively received by vegans and vegetarians alike, will see the release of three more sandwiches using the plant-based patties in 2019.

    A group of vegans launched a lawsuit against Burger King for an alleged blunder by the fast food company in their manufacture of their new Impossible Whopper, according to Fox News on Monday.

    The suit was launched by Phillip Williams over allegations that the restaurant's cooking methods use the same equipment to cook the vegetarian burger that is used for the meat-based burgers.

    Williams, a self-described vegan, claimed that the plant-based Impossible Whopper is contaminated by meat byproducts due to the practice of cooking it on the same grill as beef sandwiches, TMZ reported.

    According to Williams, a consistent customer of the vegan Whopper in Atlanta, Georgia, vegans are outraged by any practice which leads to the meat contamination of a vegetarian burger.

    Some Twitter users accused "whiny protestors" of attempting to stop the production of the Impossible Whopper.

    Others suggested that it was inconsistent for vegetarians to demand food options and then to sue the chain.

    Some asked why a vegan would  want to eat at a Burger King.

    Burger King has warned customers that the 'vegan' label does not carry over into how the burger is cooked, in this case, an "open kitchen environment". The fast-food company noted that customers can request their burgers be cooked in an oven, separate from meat-based products.

    Burger King previously faced a backlash after customers noted that they had been served beef patties instead of the vegetarian impossible burger.


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